The purpose of Horizon is to keep track of the time spent researching different topics and how much time is spent on each individual project across multiple domains. A summary of its data can be seen here, and a list of latest changes here.


Horizon parses markdown files for it's wiki entries, and flat-file databases for all recorded logs. The records are stored in Tablatal, a human-readable database format.

Each row represents a time entry rounded to nearest thirty minutes, and has a division (which represents the division of the task) and task (which explains the nature of the task) attached to it.



Horizon is built in Next and thus is React-based. All React-code is removed during build time and only HTML and CSS is kept. By doing this, we can ensure that the website remains simple and fast.

It is currently hosted at Vercel, an eco-friendly host. Work is continuously being done to lower the footprint further, and in the future something other than React will be used.

More information

For more information on the concepts of personal assistants and time management, visit XXIIVV or Victor Ivanov.

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