The diving logbook is an archive of past scuba dives at various destinations.

Dive logs are recorded in descending chronological order and divided by country and occasion. The data was gathered with a dive computer.

South Africa - Cape Town

The water in South Africa was around 13 degrees celsius and we had the opportunity to dive with Seals. I was diving with Into the Blue.

2018-10-13Justin's Cave7.5 kg41 min13.1 m10 ltr
2018-10-13Strawberry Rock8.0 kg43 min10.3 m10 ltr


Got my Advanced Open Water certificate with OK Diving Malta. First time seeing an octopus up close.

2018-09-21Ghar Lapsi4.0 kg60 min-10 ltr
2018-09-21Ghar Lapsi4.0 kg77 min-12 ltr
2018-09-20P-314.0 kg-19.4 m12 ltr
2018-09-20St. Maria Caves4.0 kg-12.8 m12 ltr
2018-09-19Cirkewwa (N)4.0 kg-17.5 m12 ltr
2018-09-19Um El Faroud4.0 kg52 min25.9 m12 ltr
2018-09-19Um El Faroud4.0 kg42 min30.3 m12 ltr
2018-09-18Shore (N)4.0 kg55 min6.5 m12 ltr
2018-09-18P294.0 kg37 min30.0 m12 ltr
2018-09-18Rosi4.0 kg41 min30.0 m12 ltr
2018-09-17St. Paul's Bay4.0 kg-7.0 m12 ltr
2018-09-17St. Paul's Bay5.0 kg-6.8 m12 ltr

Greece – Skopelos

Got my Open Water certification from Skopelos Dive Center.

2018-06-14Small Canyon7.0 kg42 min18.0 m12 ltr
2018-06-14Lift7.0 kg42 min18.0 m12 ltr
2018-06-12Limnonari7.0 kg40 min6.0 m10 ltr
2018-06-11Glifoneri9.0 kg50 min6.0 m10 ltr

Photo by Julian Dufort on Unsplash.

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